CAiDENN is passionate about learning and evolving to better serve you, your business goals and your future. Take a moment to see what makes us tick.


CAiDENN has crafted A.I.-driven data collection and calculation solutions to drive enterprise finance efficiency—straight through processing at scale. We understand how finance inefficiency can hold back customer behavior insights and innovative pricing strategies. Our calculation technologies will allow you to not only solve current pain points, but can also quickly evolve to help you capitalize on new opportunities. We work together with you to meet present and future strategic objectives—without creating operational nightmares.


CAiDENN works to dramatically improve financial efficiency through consolidation of contracts, metering of client usage, and full automation of billing and revenue calculations. We not only provide cohesion between systems (CRM, Accounting, Reporting), we reduce the burden on the teams and people that hold all these systems together.


CAiDENN is designed to give you financial control to create a single unified, normalized, and transparent system — whether you’re sharing information with clients, colleagues, management or auditors. Our goal is to not only improve end-to-end decision making, but more importantly, we work to sharply reduce financial operating costs while accelerating client payments and improving cash flow.

Our Values


As service partners, we work hard to free up your team by automating calculations so your team can become better business partners with every part of your organization.


As strategic advisers, we roll up our sleeves to be your connector and guide between departments in your organization between short- and long-term solutions, and between present and future tense. We don’t always do the fastest fix — we do the right one.


Our service and platform is powerful and flexible, and scales to meet the needs of any finance department. Even yours. We don’t hail from the corporate finance world—our expertise is colored by our investment and trading technology background experience. Our expertise translates into pushing the technology envelope to achieve real-time speed, accuracy and competitive advantage--measured in seconds. Because the future is now, and you have to be fast to stay ahead.