Problem: Company Spin-Off & Merger

Our client, a leading Investment Technology provider, was spun-off from its parent company and merged with RealTick, a B2B Execution Management System. The new company needed a partner capable of uniting high-volume, complex contract terms into a single system while driving down invoicing errors.

CAiDENN was created to solve nightmares like this, so after tackling the merger’s implementation, we were able to streamline the invoicing and reporting time from a few weeks down to a mere two days. In the process, 80% of the billing team were freed from supporting billing and moved to higher-value projects.

Problem: High Transaction Volume & Growing Contract Exceptions

Eze Software Group came to us struggling with a high volume of transactions and a growing number of contract “exceptions” — 90% of the contracts were standard, but the extremely high volume made the 10% of custom contracts a nightmare — the few custom contracts frustrated the finance teams and caused the overall efficiency to plummet.

Based on the success with RealTick, CAiDENN was brought in to help with the billing challenges in this division of Eze. CAiDENN was able to speed up the processing and reporting time from several days to a few hours—which was even faster than the gains it achieved for RealTick. The business unit now enjoys straight-through processing of invoices.

Problem: Public Company Acquisition & SOX Audit

When a public company acquired one of our customers, they were asked to deliver a detailed paper trail to auditors to provide transparency and show bookkeeping is up-to-par — but after the first, post-merger audit, our customer tried to handle the paper trail in-house, and found they couldn’t do it.

CAiDENN’s advisory expertise was instrumental in articulating to the firms outside auditors complex pricing and billing models while showing supporting calculation detail for randomly tested revenue calculations. By leading these information sessions on data flows, processes, and financial controls CAiDENN assisted in preventing our client from having to file an extension with the SEC.