What We Do

CAiDENN Cloud Serves as the Hub for your Finance Team

How We Do It

Automated Billing & Revenue Calculations

Too often, finance departments rely on spreadsheets and manual processes that leave much to chance and human error. Billing and Revenue functions are the core of all businesses, regardless of scale, but these necessary functions still remain a bottleneck. CAiDENN can streamline data gathering, scrubbing, and calculations to be fully automated—regardless of complexity.

Enhanced Management & Sales Reporting

Our goal is to give your finance department the time to deliver key data and analysis to the rest of your business. Part of what makes CAiDENN special is we tackle your critical financial data to support price modeling, audit, and management reporting. We provide insight-driven reporting that’s future-focused so your team can focus on bigger goals and analysis, versus manual calculations.

Strategic Pricing Capabilities & Solutions

Let’s face it: custom contracts, strategic pricing and high volumes of data are difficult to scale and manage. Much of the information your finance team needs to compute this data lives in PDFs and spreadsheets, which makes it very difficult to calculate. We take these assets and turn them into something computers can understand—CAiDENN crunches the numbers so your team can analyze.

How Your Finance Team Benefits from CAiDENN Cloud

Big Data Crunching

From contracts, transactional data, advanced calculations and strategic pricing modeling and all the rest—CAiDENN Cloud normalizes this finance data so you can manage it better and score measurable savings in time and money.

Audit Transparency & Clarity

With CAiDENN Cloud, we show you how we do it, so you can follow the number trail. Meaning, all of the details from the time we collect the data through the calculation is maintained so you see how we did it from start-to-finish.

Speed Without Sacrificing Accuracy

With A.I.-powered automation on your side, CAiDENN Cloud calculates your data and as time goes on, the accuracy improves exponentially as it learns your company. Best of all, we increase the speed of calculating your data without trading precision.